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Brand New AH Beard Domino Camplin Mattress


Available in Ultra Firm, Firm, Medium and Plush feels (all feels one price).

(*Medium and Plush versions have pillow tops, Ultra Firm and Firm come without pillow tops)

Official mattress partner - Australian Institute of Sport. 


  • 5-zone VRS pocket spring system. Pocket springs ensure minimal partner disturbance, whilst the 5-zone support features firmer springs for the upper and lower body enabling the mattress to contour to your body better and provide more targeted support where it's needed most to assist with spinal alignment. The Variable Response Spring (VRS) technology - additional turns at the top of the spring - allows the spring to dynamically respond to weight and movement.
  • Performa Edge support encases the springs in a high density foam box for stronger sides, providing a larger sleeping surface and enhancing the durability of the mattress.
  • Gel-infused memory foam designed to relieve pressure and keep you cooler at night for a better sleep.
  • Silk/cashmere blend material on top is a premium natural fibre layer allowing for added breathability.
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee.
  • Australian Made.
  • All AH Beard mattresses come with the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice approval, ensuring long term protection against dust mites and bacteria.
  • Compatible with adjustable beds.


*This model uses clearance fabrics so appearance may vary from picture.

AH Beard Domino Camplin

PriceFrom $990.00
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